Ruturaj Eksambekar

Experience Designer

With design and development moving excitingly closer to each other, I see myself right at the intersection with both those skills. With these skills, I like to solve challenging problems and design solutions which can make a difference along with creating delightful experiences for users. Here is a link to my resume.

I recently graduated with a Master's degree from Georgia Tech's HCI program and I am looking for full-time opportunities starting Summer 2019.

Selected UX work

Shipped + Projects


UX Design, Accessible Design

A mobile app that helps improve the in-theater movie experience for the visually impaired guests.

Beyond Infinity

Interaction Design, Data Viz

Interactive Data Visualization to Explore The History of Space and Interplanetary Travel.


Interaction Design, User Research

An android app to help people "connect" and "stay connected" with like minded people in their community


Experience Design, Prototyping

An arcade themed interactive trash can aimed to motivate users to recycle correctly.

Future of Mobility

UX Research, UX Design

Researching various human-human and human-machine interactions in ride sharing services to design a solution for a fully autonomous ride sharing experience.


Design Lead

AI driven product that makes consuming and creating memes easy and delightful. Also in AR!


Some fun side projects

I love building things and recently I have been playing around with designing physical products. I have learnt a lot about interactions and finer design details through making these products and that has helped me bridge the gap between physical interactions and the digital products that I design.

Arts & Leadership

A collection of performance arts & leadership experiences that helped craft my personality